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Be Practical: Purchase Gently Used Maternity Clothes

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Let's be honest, you'll only be pregnant for nine months, and more likely than not, once you have your baby, you probably won't be using your maternity clothes anymore.  So most expectant moms are hesitant on dropping BIG dollars on a maternity wardrobe.

The new trend that mommy-to-be are turning to is purchasing pre-owned maternity wear.  The purchasing of gently used maternity clothes is growing in popularity.  Whether the reason for purchasing gently used maternity clothes is to maintain a budget or simply because there is an appreciation of the practicality of saving big bucks on a temporary wardrobe, buying pre-loved maternity clothes just makes a lot of sense. 

We agree. It's impractical to buy new and expensive maternity clothes that you’ll only use for a few months. 

That's why Motherhood Closet - Maternity Consignment offers all kinds of pre-owned maternity wear, pre-selected and cleaned according to very strict standards for a fraction of the retail price.

Don't forget that when you are done with your maternity clothes you can sell or consign your gently used maternity clothes to    Motherhood Closet!

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