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Benefits of Maternity Consignment

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Your Wallet Benefits
Consigning your maternity clothes will turn your no longer needed gently used maternity clothes into Cash!   Plus, you get to clean out your closet.

The Expectant Mother Benefits
Expectant mothers who buy used maternity clothing form Motherhood Closet - Maternity Consignment also benefit from substantially lower prices on stylish gently used maternity clothes, compared to the price of new maternity clothes – leaving more money for other needs like a new car seat, crib and stroller!

The Economy Benefits
Recycled maternity clothing also creates jobs at charity organizations, consignment stores and businesses that reuse the fabric to make products for sale.

Environmental Benefits
Americans discard an estimated 68 pounds of clothing a year, while buying 10 pounds of recycled clothes.  There are multiple environmental benefits associated with consigning your maternity clothes.  About 99 percent of what is thrown away can be reused!  Consigning your maternity clothes will reduce what ends up in our landfills.  

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