Ambassador Program Terms

What is the Clothesline Club by Motherhood Closet Maternity - Consignment?
The Clothesline Club by is a maternity fashion club that lets you to borrow up to fifteen gently used designer maternity clothes from our closet which lets you look and feel fabulous during pregnancy for less than a cup of coffee a day!  When you borrow your maternity wardrobe from our closet you not only get versatility, but you also get gently used designer fashions you want and deserve without spending a fortune.   

How Much Does It Cost To Consign with Motherhood Closet - Maternity Consignment?
It's Free! Your Clothesline Club membership enrollment fee is waived. However, the shipping fee is not waivable. 

Eligibility Requirements
You must be pregnant or nursing as a Ambassador.

Ambassador Requirements
Motherhood Closet - Maternity Consignment will provide you with gently used designer maternity styles during your pregnancy and while you nurse for free for you to use and swap-out* as often as you want. In return, we ask that you be willing to blog and share on social media your maternity looks using maternity pieces that you borrowed from and/or about your and/or the Clothesline Club experience and provide honest feedback about our online maternity consignment boutique, maternity services, maternity designer clothes, and how absolutely fabulous you look at least twice a week.  

As a Motherhood Closet - Maternity Consignment Ambassador may use your comments, post, and images on and/or its social media platforms. 

Proof of Compliance
You are required to email Motherhood Closet - Maternity Consignment with links to your bi-weekly post.

Responsibility of Merchandise
Motherhood Closet - Maternity Consignment makes their best effort to merchandise, sell and care for all consignments. However, all consignments are at the owner's risk. Motherhood Closet - Maternity Consignment is not responsible for loss or damage by handling, loss by theft, fire, negligent handling, accident, or any other cause.

Returned Items Fee
If you request that Motherhood Closet - Maternity Consignment return your unsuitable item(s) for sale or the return of your unsold consigned item(s) you will be assessed a $25.00 processing and postage fee assessed to your consignment account. 

* Swapping shipping fees are not waivable.


*Please note, acceptance in the Ambassador program is competitive and limited, therefore, is restricted to bloggers with content that mirrors fashion values. Please note that by submitting the application above, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Motherhood Closet - Maternity Consignment’s Clothesline Club.  For questions about the program prior to applying, please contact the Ambassador Team HERE.


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